Welcome to Back-To-School Student Information Update, a process available in Skyward Family Access to verify and update student and family information for currently enrolled students and students that have preregistered for the upcoiming school year, as well as complete important back to school forms.

From the Eastern York School District website, http://www.easternyork.com/, on the Home page, locate the Parents tab, click SkyPort Parents and click Skyward SkyPort Login to access the login page.  If you have forgotten your Login ID or Password, you can click on the Forgot your Login/Password? link below the Sign-In button. You will need the e-mail address you have registered in Skyward for this process.  Please note that this feature is not available through the Skyward Mobile App.

From the SkyPort Dashboard, select Open Family Access, and from Family Access home page, look for the Back-To-School Student Information Update section in the menu on the left and select the student's name to begin the process. You will have to complete a separate information update for each student. Navigate through the steps listed in the column on the far right. If you are unable to complete all steps during one sitting, click the "Close and Finish Later" button at the bottom of the step list on the right. You may resume the process the next time you log into Family Access. You will find that some of the steps contain forms that have responses that are required in order to save entries and move forward to the next step. Please read the instructions at the top of the screen to guide you through options for completing the form.

In Step 1, please review and update student and family information. Verification of this data is crucial to keep student information up to date and accurate. Emergency Cards will not be sent home.

If you have more than one student, click on the Back-To-School Student Information Update section in the menu and select the next student not indicated as completed from the notice for each school.